EM Letterpress

200 John L. Dietsch Blvd., North Attleboro MA 02763


Elias is a master printer and photographer. With an MFA from University of the Arts in Philadelphia, he started out in 1999 with a single Heidelberg Windmill press and a darkroom in his basement. Four Windmills and a Heidelberg Cylinder Press later (not to mention more vintage film cameras than you can shake a stick at), EM Letterpress has become the workshop of his creative dreams. He oversees every project with an exacting attention to detail because he knows that fine craft is not a product of exquisite machinery, but the artful application of eye and hand. 

Mat is our superpower. He graduated from Ringling Bros Clown College in 1989 and literally ran away with the circus (he came back to study typography and design at Parsons). He is an inspired and intensely organized soul brimming with ideas and has been known to walk a tightrope and juggle six plates while managing our production with utter aplomb. Our clients rely on his expertise in creative development and design. 

Mihaeko is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist and commercial photographer known for her work with Björk and Starling Brood. She is a ruthless editor, impeccable stylist, and one of the finest visual story tellers we know. 

In Action