It's no secret we love what we do. An added benefit of being a letterpress shop is the opportunity to work with some amazing people that expand our horizons. We'd heard about generative art, but never had the chance to delve into it until Yuri Vishnevsky got in touch with us about creating some unique business cards featuring art generated by his algorithms.

Generative art takes any input as data - from sound to movement, to colors found in famous paintings, then re-orders that data according to invented algorithms and outputs it visually. Some fine examples from Anatoly Zenkov and Leonardo Solaas:

Leonardo Solaas

Henri Edmond Cross via

Yuri Vishnevsky took his inspiration from various sources - from the Mona Lisa, to the work of impressionists like Henri Edmond Cross, above, and even Harry Potter book covers. It was a pleasure learning from him. 

Read more about Yuri's process on his website.