By old they mean 2009. 

Leaps and bounds, I suppose, have happened in as short a time as to half the price of innovation in the first place. So be it. Now I own another old camera, but this one is plastic, and electronic. 

I like the French word for Digital, Numerique, a literal translation, but it sounds good. It's not hiding the math so much. Numerique. J'ai un appereil photo numérique. With the accent over the é it's not hiding anything. 

Of course I've had a few of these digital things, but never one bought with as much purpose as a tool, rather than a novelty, or a way to catch my little girls off guard. And everything I've read about this dinosaur explains how terrible it is in low light with high ISO. 

But that's the beauty of numérique. There's a way around everything, and I suppose the "pixel peepers" would have something to say, but this picture speaks the thousand words, and it doesn't sound like noise to me. 

This is Mr. Mat just after a work day, ready to go home.